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The TOF wall is made of 6 sectors, in hexagonal geometry, each one constituted by 8 cases containing 8 scintillating bars. Each bar will be read at the two ends by means of fast photomultipliers (EMI 9133B), in order to reconstruct with a good accuracy the time of flight from the target (σ=100-150 ps) and the hit position along the bar itself (sigma=1.5-2.3 cm). The TOF main tasks are to measure the hadron multiplicity, in order to trigger on the centrality of the collision (e.g. in Au+Au collision at 1AGeV) and to perform the electron/hadron discrimination.

Participating Institutions

Nuclear Physics Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences, Rez

TOF construction, analysis

National Institute of Nuclear Physics Catania

TOF construction

Slovak Academy of Sciences Bratislava

TOF calibration

Universita di Milano

TOF construction

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April, 2000TOF Mounting
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Photo Gallery

The TOF walls, fully installed in the HADES cave.