The future international Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) in Darmstadt will provide unique research opportunities in the fields of nuclear, hadron, atomic and plasma physics. In particular, the available antiproton and ion beams offer the possibility to investigate fundamental aspects in strong interaction physics (QCD), such as the confinement of quarks, and the origin of hadron masses. The HADES experiment, being a one the two detectors of the Comperessed Barionic Matter physics programme, will be a “first” day experiment at the new SIS100 synchrotron [HADES@SIS100 proposal].  Thanks to a recent upgrade HADES is able to measure heavy ion collisions with interaction rates up to 20 kHz and will continue its mission started at SIS18 at higher beam energies providing for the first time full excitation function of dielectron production in 1-10 AGeV region.