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To participate in all HADES activities you need to have
accounts on several systems at GSI.


GSI user account LINUX/windows

A linux account is needed to analyze data on the linux
batch farm of GSI. Windows account is needed for work
on windows and exchange mail box at GSI. If you do not
need the exchange mailbox and just want to get a forward
mail to your already existing mail address at another
institute you do not need a windows account.

  1. Fill the form, print it and sign it. contact person at GSI will
  2. The form has to be signed by J. Markert. 
  3. Hand the form in to User Help Desk (you need an personal ID card or passport).  
  4. Receive your account infos including the initial password.
  5. Login into linux and change the password asap. The account will be disabled
    if the initial password has not been changed after 3 weeks. If a windows/exchange
    account has been created, you have to change the password under windows too:
    the Exchange web front end allows changing the password :


For external people who will not be able to attend
in person:

Follow step 1. and send via mail the filled and signed form
and your e-mail address to
  Dr. Jochen Markert    EMail:
  GSI, HADES            Room KBW 4.006
  Planckstr.1           Phone: +49-6159-712885
  64291 Darmstadt
  The form will be handed in to User Help Desk. Once
  the account is created J.Markert will receive the
  account info including the initial pass word. The
  user will receive an email to call +49-6159-712885
  and get hold of the password.

Follow step 4. and 5.


Private Notebooks or Notebooks from external Institutes

The access network (LAN) at GSI "foreign" devices have to be
registered at the User Help Desk of GSI (each network interface
(MAC address), apple computers have to register the network
adapters ...). WLan access ("GSI-Guest") is possible without
registering the devices, but you will need an GSI web-account
(see below) or eduroam.


HADES website at

The website has no login access for standard users of hades.
Only people for modifying content (admin + some others).
All access on webpages for hades users are granted through
user "hades" and the hades standard password.

Same for ORACLE webservices


Find all information concerning HADES beam times, analysis
parameters containers, Geant Geometry of the detector.



Logbook entries of all actions happening through HADES
beam times. List of all hld files taken including magnetic
filed settings.



Wiki for analysis and detector related stuff.
Each user has to register. Any user of hades wiki can
add other users to an existing group (most likely simana).


Discussion of presentations in upcoming conferences and
Each user has to register and at least login once (still
no access to hades forum). 
If you did not yet register, but you have an gsi weblogin
you can use this for the forum. After you logged in the first 
time write a email to You will be added
to the HADES user group to have access to the HADES forum.


Access to all presentations of HADES collaboration and analysis
meetings. Meetings of PWG groups.
You need an GSI web-account (See below). 
In case of problems contact to fix issues with HADES users.


GSI web-account

You want to have access to HADES indico or  GSI Guest WLan ?

On the above web page See section

GSI Web Login

Apply for a GSI Web Login Account
If you do not have such an account, please apply for it by
e-mail to user registration Please provide the following data:

    Complete Name + m/f (gender).
    personal e-mail address (GSI or external).
    Name of institute or company.
    Name of responsible person in GSI :
    GSI organizational unit HADES
    Application for which you need access : Indico

The responsible person at gsi will be j. markert.
Send an mail to Christian Wendisch  (he takes care
about our indico) to make sure that the user affiliation with
group hades is done properly.


Diskspace on /lustre and access to our batch farm

Send an email to with the gsi Linux account name